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You're vanilla, I'm magnum.
Anonymous: do you consider yourself pretty?


Honestly, sweetie? No. I’ve been struggling with self-perception my whole life. There are days where I’m okay but most days I just feel really uncomfortable in my own skin. Every time I look in the mirror I swear I feel disgusted and I just don’t want to look the way I do. I often pinpoint the parts of me that I hate, also telling myself I have to starve myself to make myself look less disgusting—then ultimately feeling less disgusting. I feel so confined in this body—I feel so limited. I know this sounds very vain and that I have to be thankful and appreciate that I am perfectly alright, I know, yet I can’t help but feel so.

But I am confined in this body, whether I like it or not. I cannot pry my ribs open, I cannot change every aspect of myself that I hate, I cannot look like who I want to; I have to learn how to be ok with myself and those who feels the same should learn to do the same—not because someday someone is going to love every single part of you, but because you are. And you should.

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